There's no cost to you or your organisation at all. You can contact us here and one of the team will get in touch. Thank you.

A Partnership Adviser trains to become a fully-qualified Citizens Advice Adviser and signs a volunteering agreement with us. As a trained volunteer, a Partnership Adviser has access to ongoing Citizens Advice training, development and support and to all Citizens Advice digital resources and client database. Citizens Advice monitors the quality of advice via case review, supervision and feedback.

A Partnership Adviser can the offer a Citizens Advice service within their own organisation, whether an open-access session, timed appointments or ad-hoc as a need is presented. How and when you advise your clients is for you to decide.

As part of our Quality assurance processes, supervision is provided to all advisers, and this can be done remotely via Skype or telephone.

You’ll be able to support your clients with confidence, quickly and effectively, and you’ll also benefit from increasing your skills and knowledge with our accredited training and learning.

We will provide you with a minimum of 30 hours training, to “assessor” level, which will equip you to lead an exploration of a client’s situation and to be able to provide simple advice as required. Where complex or urgent cases present, you can then refer your client (via our internal referral pathways) for appointments with specialists as required. This is an effective fast-track.

This training is excellent skills development, providing in-depth training on interview techniques, listening and communicating skills, safeguarding, confidentiality and, of course, advice.

You will be able to better support your clients. They will be able to receive trusted advice from an organisation with whom they already have a trust-based relationship.

For more information, contact our Volunteering Manager, Keith Davies on 0300 30 30 126 or  click here