What to expect in a Group Clinic

What are Bicester Healthy Group clinics?

Group clinics are a tried and tested process for consulting with a group of people with similar conditions. People attending groups say that they benefit from more time with a doctor and learning with those who have similar health concerns

Our video group clinics are online sessions lasting just one and a half hours, where up to 8 people meet to discuss treatment goals, share experiences and decide on questions they’d like to ask a GP. Hazel Walsh our trained facilitator will welcome the group. A discussion board is used to start off the consultation. This board reflects the health assessments of the group. Information could be medical such as blood pressure or hormone levels and healthy living such as sleep scores or exercise levels. There is no pressure to share this information with the group via the discussion board but many people find it helpful. You may be asked to do short surveys in advance of the session to assess factors such as sleep, stress and nutrition.

After a short break Dr Fallows or another health care professional joins the meeting. There will be lots of questions for them and they will have time to individually consult with each person to go through questions and issues. This 40 minute section allows you to ask your own questions but also listen and reflect on other people’s; often one of the most helpful parts.

When the GP leaves the meeting there is time to discuss the session and to make personal goals. Hazel will let you know what else is available locally to support you with your health goals. Some people may arrange to visit the nurse/GP again if complicated issues or sensitive matters have been brought up that need further attention.