Video Healthy Groups

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100% of post group respondents said they would recommend video group clinics to others

Video Group Clinics are now offered to patients in Bicester, Kidlington, Yarnton & Islip and invited Grimsbury patients on specific waiting lists

What are group clinics?

Group clinics are a tried and tested process for consulting with a group of people with similar conditions. 6-8 people meet online in a video group clinic for 90 minutes with a facilitator and a GP. During this time they will discuss their health and treatment goals, share experiences with the group and benefit from time to discuss their particular questions with a clinician such as a GP.

The Benefits:

  • There’s no rush in a group clinic- an experienced local GP will be with the group for over 40 minutes.

  • What matters to you will shape how the session runs. The GP and facilitator help you make a plan- this could involve changes in medication and lifestyle solutions so that you are in control and feel confident about your own health.

  • You’re not alone. Everyone in the group will have similar experiences and you can hear what others are struggling with and about what’s worked for them.

  • There’s no need to arrange transport to your surgery.

  • Joining virtually from your own home makes for a relaxed setting where it is easier to ask about the issues most important to you