Right! Brothers’…….’And Sisters’.

Yes alright brothers and sisters, no need to labour the point’

‘Brothers and Sisters we have convened this meeting to ask the question,

 What have the Citizens Advice ever done for us…eh? What have that lot done to help us?’

‘Well they helped me with my debts.’

‘And they helped me sort out my benefits.’

‘Yes and they arranged transport to get me to hospital for my appointment.’

Well that’s a given isn’t it, but really what have they done for the average person?’

‘They helped my friend who lives alone to join a club.’

‘And helped to stop me getting evicted.’

Alright, alright, I’ll give you that, they have helped with housing problems and loneliness,’

‘Oh! Oh! They also sorted out my budgeting with me and to set up a bank account.’

‘Yes, yes, that’s all well and good but what have Citizens Advice really done to help the likes you and me?’

‘They did get me cheaper gas and electricity.’

‘And they gave me practical help when my relationship was suffering.’

‘And, and, they helped me get a refund on a dodgy item I bought.’

‘Anything else? I mean while we are all here, is there anything else the Citizens Advice have done to help us? Come on! Spit it out!’

‘They helped me when my employer wasn’t being fair.’

‘Oh I just remembered they helped me when I was off sick, I had no money because my sick pay was late and I had no food.’

 ‘Right brothers and sisters we have established that Citizens Advice have helped with debt, benefits, housing, transport, loneliness, relationships, hardships, utilities, consumer problems and a few other things,

however, who’s paying for all this eh, answer me that?’


‘Well, actually they are a charity and they rely on the goodwill of donations so that they can continue to help those in need and all who ask for it.’


With acknowledgement to the Life of Brian.