The Volunteer Driver service is a vscheme provided by Volunteer Connect, part of Citizens Advice NOSN.

Our volunteer drivers will transport members of the local community who need additional help with travel, to and from hospitals, doctors, out-patient visits, legal appointments etc. For many elderly or infirm this is a lifeline in the community and plays an invaluable role in ensuring their health and welfare is accounted for. Citizens Advice see this as an invaluable part of their commitment to the local community.

A donation no matter large or small, will help us to raise awareness of this invaluable project amongst the people of the community, who would most benefit from using it. A donation will also help us to advertise for more, much needed, volunteer drivers.

If you are interested in this role please call Keith Davies on 0300 30 30 126 for further information or an informal chat, or click here to apply online

Thank you!